Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Sub-Assembly

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The Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Sub-Assembly (#42607-WAA02), a crucial component in Toyota's Disc Wheel & Wheel Cap system, primarily facilitates the accurate monitoring of tire pressure. It operates by maintaining an appropriate seal, enabling the system to detect and relay tire pressure information accurately. Genuine Toyota parts like this valve sub-assembly optimally integrate with your vehicle for seamless compatibility. They also come backed by Toyota's trusted genuine parts warranty. Over time, the valve sub-assembly might age, clog, or even break, which can lead to inaccurate tire pressure readings. This inaccuracy can subsequently lead to tire wear, reduced fuel efficiency, or even a tire blowout in extreme cases. Therefore, periodic replacement is vital for safe and efficient operation. In essence, the Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Sub-Assembly (#42607-WAA02) is a guardian ensuring optimal tire pressure, promoting both safety and efficiency within the larger system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 42607-WAA02

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